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GLConsole library with source released

21st February 2007

I’m releasing a small C++ library with source code called GLConsole that was very useful in my old college game and research projects. It’s a simple “Quake-style” debugging console/shell you can overlay on your application to expose any program variables for tweaking separately from the code, print error or status information, and/or access custom commands. It also does the standard shell things like complete/partial tab completion with suggestions and history. More details including a demo and the source are available at its project page.

GLConsole Demo Shot

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iWork ’06 Released

12th February 2006

I can finally relax (a bit) now that we shipped iWork ’06. Overall, I’m very pleased with this release, and glad to see that the product making progress in the market (reviews have been positive as well). My responsibilities were on the engineering efforts for the new real-time 3D charts feature. Below are some pictures from Steve Jobs’ recent keynote at Macworld where he was using the new charts :) I also included a picture from the iWork display on the expo floor.

 Photos Uncategorized 3D Slide
 Photos Uncategorized 3D Slide2
 Photos Uncategorized Watt Large
Iwork Macworld Expo
3d chart from Nintendo E3 2008 keynote

Update (4/5/08):
iWork ’08 shipped earlier this year and was my last project at Apple. I worked mostly on improvements to 3D Charts – resolution/hardware independent tile rendering allowing infinite zoom and high quality printing, improved materials selectable in new texture browser, integration with the new spreadsheet app Numbers, and lots of performance improvements under the hood. You can watch an Apple marketing video showing some of the new features here.

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Updated Information On My Master’s Work

6th August 2004

I uploaded some updated information on my Master’s project that involves combining simulation and motion capture data for character animation. There are some new movies and screenshots up as well… Updates are posted on my Master’s page.

Fall Snapshots Nodebug Thumbnail

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Master’s Thesis Page Created

4th January 2004

I began work on my master’s thesis project at Carnegie Mellon. The project involves combining motion captured animation and physical simulation to create highly reactive interactive characters. My preliminary results have been posted here.

Preview Small

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Ancient Greece Kiosk

4th January 2004

I created this for Carnegie Mellon’s 2003 Spring Carnival. It was used inside Phi Kappa Theta’s Ancient Greece booth in the form of a kiosk. It features toon shading and a volumetric lighting effect.
Download the demo here.

Boothshot Small

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My first Maya movie

12th February 2003

I’m experimenting with Maya so I can learn to model, animate, and write useful plug-ins. My first try at an animation is below (click to download):


Credits: Thanks to Craig Cafaro for the Quake 3 Mario model

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Tech Demo Movies and Research Details

22nd December 2002

I posted about 6 movies showing off the game I made around my animation technology. I also posted a postmortem on the game and some technical details on the animation system. See the project page for details…

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What you need to know about live dealer games

4th December 2002

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New demos: terrain and cloth simulation

20th October 2002

Added info on the terrain demo and cloth simulator. In addition, I posted demos of my current research project and the terrain demo. I’ll hopefully have time to fix the collision in the racing game this week… Also, I would like to post detailed information on my research as soon as possible.

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Star Wars racer demo

15th October 2002

Information on the Star Wars Racing game has been posted.  Briefly, it is a simple two player racing game I completed as a school project in about two weeks…  See its project page for a demo download.  Below are a couple screenshots:

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