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iWork ’06 Released

12th February 2006

I can finally relax (a bit) now that we shipped iWork ’06. Overall, I’m very pleased with this release, and glad to see that the product making progress in the market (reviews have been positive as well). My responsibilities were on the engineering efforts for the new real-time 3D charts feature. Below are some pictures from Steve Jobs’ recent keynote at Macworld where he was using the new charts :) I also included a picture from the iWork display on the expo floor.

 Photos Uncategorized 3D Slide
 Photos Uncategorized 3D Slide2
 Photos Uncategorized Watt Large
Iwork Macworld Expo
3d chart from Nintendo E3 2008 keynote

Update (4/5/08):
iWork ’08 shipped earlier this year and was my last project at Apple. I worked mostly on improvements to 3D Charts – resolution/hardware independent tile rendering allowing infinite zoom and high quality printing, improved materials selectable in new texture browser, integration with the new spreadsheet app Numbers, and lots of performance improvements under the hood. You can watch an Apple marketing video showing some of the new features here.

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Possible Nintendo Revolution(Wii)-like Gameplay?

6th February 2006

*Edit* – The Nintendo Revolution has been renamed the Nintendo Wii and was released in November of 2006

It occured to me after watching the Nintendo Revolution trailer that my old undergrad game project from 2002 used an interface very similar to Nintendo’s new controller concept. The *very* unfinished project was a simple 3rd-person action game with sword combat enabled through a controller that tracked your hand motions. The player had the following setup:

Left Hand
Right Hand
Nintendo 64 Controller

You would use the analog stick from the N64 controller to control the character’s movement while swinging your right arm with a closed fist to trigger the appropriate attack animations. Its not hard to see the similarities between this setup and Revolution “remote” coupled with the analog stick attachment:

Nintendo Wii Controller

You can download a video of my system in action here or watch below:

If you’re feeling lucky, you can download the rough demo of the system I released a few years back. It actually ended up being pretty intuitive having precise control of the characters movement via the analog stick, while feeling involved with the attacks through the motion of your other hand. You’ll probably notice the lag between the hand gestures and the character’s response – but with some proper tweaking, I think this kind of interface would be a nice change from what’s out there now. And you gotta wonder if this is the kind of gameplay a future Revolution Zelda title might use…

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