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Job Update + Project Details

29th January 2008

Got married in June of last year right before leaving Apple in Pittsburgh for Electronic Arts way out in LA! The last 6 months have been really exciting on the new project, which EA is doing with Steven Spielberg and lead by Doug Church, to be released on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Can’t say much about it yet, but I’m glad to return to animation technology, focusing on creating “digital actors” that express emotion through their performances. I’ll post more information when its available, but there are a couple vague details in these announcements: [link 1] [link 2] [link 3] [link 4]. EA’s CTO on the project:

“We believe the Spielberg game will set a new bar,” … “That team has the right goals and they’re going to try to get intensely game-oriented emotional experiences.”

We’ll see if we can live up to that :)

I also posted some details at my gameplay prototypes page on a little experiment from awhile back that explored playing a Guitar Hero-like game on a portable touchscreen device by modifying the open source FretsOnFire game. YouTube video of the results embedded below…

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