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Star Wars racer demo

This project started as a class assignment to implement a data-driven 2 player racing game. The goal was to see how complete of a game we could produce in under 2 weeks. The game was developed using MS Visual C++ and has the following features:

  • Terrain height map renderer using OpenGL (more details here)
  • Multi-textured course geometry
  • Data-Driven design to load custom course layouts
  • 3DS textured model importing
  • Skybox rendering
  • Simple collision detection – still quite rough…
  • Simple vehicle physics
  • Sound through FMOD
  • Quaternion representation for orientations


[Download MPG movie](~2mb)

Version .01 demo (~13mb)
Note: this will only run on any graphics card supporting multi-texturing, though its only been tested on my Nvidia Geforce4 ti4200… FYI – this demo was put together from scratch in less that 2 weeks, so expect it to be very rough around the edges :)


Special thanks to Commanche 4 for the heightmap, Justin Fisher for the skybox, and Moshe Mahler for the speeder model…